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V8DualFuel from RPi Engineering: LPG / Autogas Conversions and kits for the Rover V8 Engine
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LPG Mixers

Introducing LPG into the airflow ready for the engine to burn.


LPG Conversion Kit

Rolls Royce

 Spirit V8

Using a Twin SU Carburettor system not that dissimilar form the Rover V8 the Rolls Royce LPG conversion is a very simple and yet effective one to follow. Designing our own adaptor pipes for the elbows allows the LPG mixers to fit without issue or major modifications to the engine bay.

We have designed unique bracketing to allow our 95 litre toroidal LPG tank to fit in place of the spare wheel give an almost invisible conversion. You can also see the LPG conversion explained in our YouTube video below.

Front-End Kit Options

There is one front end kit available: Click the Tabs below for full details

  • OMVL SU: this is our recommended Front-end kit option

Tank Options

There is one tank type available: Click the Tabs below for full details

  • 95 Litre Toroidal Tank: this is our recommended tank