V8DualFuel: LPG / Autogas Conversions and kits

LPG / Autogas conversions and Kits from the experts

V8DualFuel from RPi Engineering: LPG / Autogas Conversions and kits for the Rover V8 Engine
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All about LPG

LPG as an environmentally friendly fuel

LPG or Autogas?

LPG stands for Liquefied Petroleum Gas. LPG is also known as Autogas.

Environmental and pollution issues

LPG is a world-wide, environmentally friendly, fuel and is comparatively clean both from the standpoint of carbon emissions and low hydrocarbons (70% of those of petrol), but equally importantly contains no PM10 toxic pollution/poison (smuts) most often ignored when comparisons are made with diesel engines (its the black stuff that you see coming from even the newest diesel vehicle tail pipes).

Your engine

Internal engine deposits are less for all new, or at least healthy, petrol engines, so engine life is substantially increased due to reduced wear and tear on your engine.

LPG is otherwise a waste by-product

As it is a by-product of oil production it would otherwise be burned off in the refining process and be wasted as an energy source.

The Knock or octane rating

The octane rating for LPG is very high compared to other fuel (LPG 110 octane. Regular-grade petrol 92 octane and premium-grade petrol 95 octane).


LPG is easy to store as a liquid at 6 bar. (relatively low pressure and relatively very safe). This makes low cost tank options available, and allows good levels of fuel storage capacity.

Oh and its a lot cheaper too!

And its most likely to remain that way for some considerable time as the governments of the world face higher and higher pollution taxes and environmental pressures. Last year hundreds of thousands of vehicles were converted world-wide, and in the UK 20,000 were converted. This year is set to see this figure rise by at least ten fold.