95 Litre Full Toroidal Tank

These tanks are manufactured to exacting and exemplary standards by Stako.

What's the system suitable for?

The 95 litre Ellipsoid tank, is put in place of the spare wheel in the Range Rover P38 (post 1995) and MKIII L322 Range Rover. We designed special brackets for simple installation, but also to ensure strength is not compromised.

We prefer not to fit tanks inside a vehicle but this is a very simple and straight forward installation very suitable for self fitting. With the airtight box and vent pipes installed there is no safety issues and this conforms to the very latest LPG installation requirements.

Our tanks are 67R01 and LPG COP II std. certificated, and incorporate safety valves and the following connections: Our 4-hole tanks (our preferred LPG tank type) offer:
  • Large filler hole/feed to allow refuelling as fast as with petrol, incorporating an 80% shut off valve.
  • Separate fuel-level indicator.
  • Separate outlet with electronic solenoid fitted.
  • Larger and separate over-pressure relief valve.
  • Supplied with all the above fitted and pre-pressurised to avoid contamination, ensured with perfect sealing.

All the above aspects are preferred by professional installers.

This tank has the following dimensions:
720mm diameter.
270mm height.

As used by RPi Engineering on our bespoke Rover V8 LPG conversions.