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V8DualFuel from RPi Engineering: LPG / Autogas Conversions and kits for the Rover V8 Engine
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LPG Injectors

Situated under the bonnet are two banks of LPG injectors. Controlling the LPG fuel in just the same way your original petrol system works.


LPG Conversion Kit


 Monaro 5.7 V8 / 6.0 VXR

The Vauxhall Monaro is available with either a 5.7 or 6.0 litre (VXR model) V8 engine. Both will convert to LPG using the same sequential injected LPG system that we use on the Supercharged Range Rover with excellent results.

With regards to LPG tank options we have our bespoke 64 litre toroidal sitting in place of the spare wheel offering a larger capacity than we have seen elsewhere with no loss of boot space.

Front-End Kit Options

There is one front end kit available: Click the Tabs below for full details

  • Sequential Injected: our recommended Front-end kit option

Tank Options

There is one tank option available: Click the Tabs below for full details

  • 64 Litre Toroidal Tank: this is our recommended tank