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V8DualFuel from RPi Engineering: LPG / Autogas Conversions and kits for the Rover V8 Engine
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LPG Filler

Situated under the rear bumper the filler is tucked away and hidden by a hinged cover when not in use.

LPG Conversion Kit


 / 3.5 Litre Twin Carb

Before the EFi (V8i) the Rover V8 engine used was a 3.5 litre twin carbureted version as found in many other vehicles.

On these early engines with twin carburetors an LPG system is very simple to understand and we have detailed these below along with our LPG tank options. We also advise ignition upgrades please contact us for advice

Front-End Kit Options

There are four front end kits available: Click the Tabs below for full details
  • OMVL SU: this is our recommended Front-end kit option

    Alternative kits:
  • Romano Su
  • OMVL Stromberg
  • Romano Stromberg