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6Kg Refillable LPG Gas Bottle with Filling Kit

New 6Kg Refillable Portable LPG Gas Bottle including a Filling Kit

A brand new 6Kg Refillable and Portable LPG Gas Bottle plus a Refillable Cylinder Filler Kit. Suitable for Camping, Caravanning, Boating, Farming, Bar-b-ques, Patio Heaters etc.

Are you:
Wondering how much gas is left in your bottle & often exchanging it half full because you're not sure if you have enough left to last?

Paying inflated prices for your ‘exchange’ gas bottles? (as used on your RV, Boat, Caravan, Cooker, Barbecue, Heater or Heating, etc. - they don’t tell you that a regular 6KG bottle only holds approx £2.75 of gas. i.e 10 litres).

Wondering why an exchange bottle that more often than not only needs topping up costs £15-£20?

Here you can see an 6kg equivalent bottle, Brand New and Refillable, with the following features:

  • Outlet ready for Butane regulator to fit straight on (a small adaptor is required to use a Propane regulator, costing just £20).
  • Filler valve ready for the remote filling kit included in this auction.
  • Comes European Pi approved.
  • Contents Gauge
  • Savings will mount up very soon but you also have your own bottle to take care of and to sell on if you no longer have a need for it.
  • You can fill these Bottles at any LPG filling station (over 1200 in the UK alone) or from your own Propane/LPG tank or storage device. Due to the new scenario of refillable bottles appearing on the market, it might be some time before staff at all LPG filling installations believe that it is permitted or safe to fill these bottles directly. However,untill they are all adequately trained, we also have available remote filling kits, which enable the bottle to be fixed in your motor home (for example), and this way the filling station should have no queries with you filling the bottle, in fact they probably won't even notice what you are filling.

Standard Exchange bottles:

  • Are not refillable by the customer.
  • Have no safety certificate or safety guarantee.
  • Could be up to ten years old, during which time, they may have substantial damage caused during transport, use or storage.

Remote filling kit:

  • Step-by-step instructions, making this kit very easy to install.
  • 1.5 metre stainless steel non-kinking, long-lasting hose (15 year warranty).
  • Remote filling head (available in black or white, please specify or we will assume you require black)
  • Fixing screws.
  • Mounting bracket.

This kit is for use with refillable gas bottles (ie. bottles with a built in 80% shut-off valve)

The specifications of this bottle are:

  • Diameter: 250mm
  • Height: 470mm
  • Empty weight: 6.0 Kg
  • Contents Gauge

This bottle is vapour take-off and is designed to stand upright while in use, for example with workshop heaters, in caravans, and BBQs etc.

Please state which regulator you are using, as we can offer these bottles with a propane adaptor.

PLEASE BE ADVISED; The Refill Kit should not be attached to Standard Exchange Bottles.

Please contact us if you have any further questions.

For more information please visit (http://www.gasrefill.com)

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