80 Litre Elipsoid Tank

These 80 Litre Elipsiod Gas tanks are manufactured in Belguim to exacting and exempory standards. Having discovered them, we just had to import them to make them available in this country.

Will it fit?

The 80 Litre Ellipsoid tank is put in place of the original petrol tank on the Classic Range Rover (pre 1995), the Discovery Series 1 & 2 and also the Defender 110.

We designed the bespoke frame and brackets you see (as shown) for simple installation to Land Rover and Range Rover models, but also to ensure strength is not compromised.

As mild steel straps rust away leaving tanks in a very dangerous position to leave the vehicle at any time. It is this exact reason that we bolt this tank directly in place to the chassis and on any LPG tanks that we use which require straps we only use Stainless Steel straps.

Our tanks are 67R01 and LPG COP II std. certificated, and incorporate safety valves and the following connections:
  • Our 4-hole tanks (our preferred LPG tank type) offer:
  • Large filler hole/feed to allow refueling as fast as with petrol, incorporating an 80% shut off valve.
  • Separate fuel-level indicator.
  • Separate outlet with electronic solenoid fitted.
  • Larger and separate over-pressure relief valve.
  • Supplied with all the above fitted and pre-pressurised to avoid contamination, ensured with perfect sealing.
  • Suitable bracketing for your installation.

This tank has the following dimensions:
600mm diameter.
380mm height.