135 Litre Twin Tank

What's the system suitable for?

Developed especially for the P38 Range Rover for the ultimate sollution on LPG storage. Utalising the space used by the spare wheel well this option gives maximum range with no loss of boot space.

Our tanks are 67R01 and LPG COP II std. certificated, and incorporate safety valves and the following connections:
  • Our 4-hole tanks (our preferred LPG tank type) offer:
  • Large filler hole/feed to allow refueling as fast as with petrol, incorporating an 80% shut off valve.
  • Separate fuel-level indicator.
  • Separate outlet with electronic solenoid fitted.
  • Larger and separate over-pressure relief valve.
  • Supplied with all the above fitted and pre-pressurised to avoid contamination, ensured with perfect sealing.
  • Suitable bracketing for your installation.

With 135 litre water capacity this tank combination gives you a usable capacity of approx. 100 litres of LPG.

With this tank option an exhaust modification is required or as an alternative upgrading to our stainless steel CAT back exhaust system will avoide these LPG tands without issue.