OMVL Millennium System: 6 Cylinder

What's the system suitable for?

This LPG system is suitable for most 6 cylinder fuel injected cars pre 1999 such as the Jeep Cherokee 4.0 litre or Jaguar 3.2 litre Sovereign.

Even if your engine exhaust does not have Lambda Sensors at present then this is the best kit for you as detailed below.

Please note that it is a requirement of all LPG systems as supplied by Partsrange (RPi Engineering) that once fitted, the installation shoud be checked over, set up and certified by RPi or by an LPG certified fitter.

Please check with us if you are unsure if this system is suitable for your vehicle.

Switch Unit

Once fitted the LPG switch has two operating modes which are changed between by a simple rocker switch.

  • Petrol: As the name suggests this mode is to run the engine on petrol and the LPG system is inactive.
  • LPG: This activates the LPG solenoids and allows the engine to run on LPG, with the petrol system inactive.

This switch also has a gauge in the form of 1 Red LED and several Green ones that indicates the level of LPG in the tank.

LPG Engine Components

This front end system comprises of every LPG component needed under the bonnet to convert your vehicle to LPG and includes.